Friday, October 25, 2013


Today I got for you a recipe for peanut butter cups - rawified of course. These are delicious, creamy inside and even good for you!

Raw cacao has many health benefits. Of all foods known, cacao has the highest antioxidant polyphenol content beneficial for cardiovascular health. On the other side, cocoa is rich in substances as phenethylamine that enhance serotonie and dopamine production, thereby acting as anti-depressant.

Get your cacao dose with this recipe for raw peanut butter cups. This treat is super easy to prepare and needs only 4 ingredients.

Makes 4 large ones or 8 regular ones

Raw chocolate
1 cup coconut oil
1/4 cup raw cacao powder
1 T sweetener, I prefer agave syrup

4 t raw peanut butter

To make the raw chocolade, melt the coconut oil over simmering water or by letting it stand in a warm spot. Add in the cacao powder and sweetener and stirr well. Pour half of the chocolate in 4 regular muffin cups so that the bottom is covered and put in the fridge until solid. Place 1 t of your filling in the center of each cup, spread and cover with the remaining chocolade. Let your raw peanut butter cups become solid in the fride.

Enjoy them with fresh bananas or a cup of herbal tea! 

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