Friday, November 1, 2013


This morning I somehow felt run down. My week was really busy and exciting with my new blog going online and my university projects and I was graving someting relaxing and refreshing. I decided to make a PINEAPPLE MINT SMOOTHIE, because pineapple always gives me a tropical spirit and mint is so cooling. Did you know that mint has been used for hundreds of years for its unique medical properties? There are more than two dozen species and the market is full of products like mint tooth paste. 
Mint is really amazing.
It is not only a breath and mouth freshener as most of you may know, but soothes several illnesses and diseases. If you want to know more about its health benefits continue reading here. If you can't wait to try this smoothie, continue with the recipe ;)
Firstly, mint activates several glands that secrete digestive enzymes and thereby facilitates digestion. Secondly, the strong aroma soothes nausea and headaches. This mint aroma can also relieve respiratory disorders by clearing up congestion of the nose, throat, bronchi and lungs. This is why mint is amazing for asthma patients-it relaxes and relieves congestion.
Mint is also a natural stimulant and can help prevent depression and fatigue. Just drop some menthol oil on your pillow before you go to bed and let it work on your mind while you sleep. These are only some of the health benefits of mint. Mint was also shown to cleanse skin, soothe seasonal allergies and aid in weight loss. Isn't it unbelievable how many health benefits ONE single natural herb has? Try this tropical pineapple mint smoothie to get in some fabulous mint :)

Makes 32 oz

4 ripe bananas
6 fresh mint leaves
1 cup frozen pineapple
2 cups water or nut milk

If you want to use fresh pineapple, add 3-4 ice cubes to chill your smoothie. If you want a sweeter smoothie, add 3 pitted dates.
Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

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