Monday, April 7, 2014


Mini berry love pies - this is what I made for you today. If you LOOOVE red berries, low fat, raw vegan sweets you will be very happy about this treat! These mini pies are made in just a few minutes and will make your tummies smile. Fresh ripe sweet raspberries and strawberries combine with sweet dates, coconut and a hint of green cardamom. 

If you don't have rasperries and strawberries on hand you can use every other kind of berries too and if you want to make a more classic treat you could substitute the cardamom with vanilla or cinnamon. I personally love the warm note that the green cardamom gives to this treat and I think it makes this simple raw vegan dessert very special. You can have your own two mini berry love pies on your table in less than 5 minutes and here is what you need.

Makes 2 mini pies

1 cup of pitted dates
1/2 cup of raw dried shredded coconut

1/2 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
1/2 cup fresh or frozen halved strawberries
1/2 ripe banana
3 pitted dates
pinch of sea salt
pinch of green cardamom

For the base, process dates with coconut until sticky. Press in two muffin forms, be careful to layer not only the bottom but also the walls. I used a metal muffin form. 
For the cream, blend berries with banana, dates and spices until creamy. Fill into muffin forms. Let sit in the freezer for 2 hours or enjoy directly.

Love & hugs, Fee.


  1. Wow these look gorgeous. I am bookmarking to make in the near future.

  2. Yes! Do that, they taste amaaaazing :)



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