Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is the perfect season for some frozen, creamy, chocolate indulgence. But why indulge and feel bad about it? Here is the recipe for the best chocolate mylkshake ever - and it does not only taste like heaven but is low fat, raw vegan and good for you. It's unbelievable, I know, and I am pretty sure it is one of my best recipes up here ;)
As far as I am concerned, I could have this every day. It is soo good. Rich, creamy, ice cold and tastes like chocolate, banana and more chocolate.

The best thing about this mylkshake is, that it is only made of almonds, frozen bananas, coconut oil, cacao powder, natural sweetener and some spices. That's it. It's whipped up in 5 minutes and you can enjoy it together with a second person :) I shared it with my little sister. As some of you may know, she is allergic to milk and egg and this was her very first chocolate mylkshake ever. She loved it :)

Serves 2

Vanilla mylk
1/4 cup almonds
few drops of pure vanilla extract
1/2 t cinnamon powder
0.5 l water 

Chocolate ice cream
2 frozen bananas
2 T raw cacao powder
1 t raw agave syrup or 2 pitted medjool dates
1/2 t cinnamon powder 

Chocolate sauce
2 T raw melted coconut oil
1 T raw cacao powder
1/2 t raw agave syrup or other liquid sweetener 

For the vanilla mylk, blend almonds with water and add vanilla and cinnamon powder. Pour through a nut mylk bag or let sit for 1 hour and decant mylk (to separate from nut shell pieces).
For the chocolate sauce, stirr cacao powder and agave syrup into melted coconut oil until smooth.
For the chocolate ice cream, blend frozen bananas in high speed blender to ice cream consistency. Add cacao powder, agave syrup and cinnamon.
Now, spon the chocolate ice cream into your big mylkshake glass, pour vanilla mylk over it and drizzle chocolate sauce over it. You can either drink/eat your chocolate mylkshake like this or give everything a short blend.


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