Thursday, October 24, 2013


When I first decided to give a raw vegan lifestyle a try, I read Dr. Douglas Graham's 80/10/10 and searched for raw vegan pages in the internet (check out FullyRaw Kristina, Emily of This Rawsome Vegan Life and Amy of Fragrant Vanilla Cake). 
I discovered that the easiest way to incorporate more raw, fresh, delicious fruits and veggies in your lifestyle, are smoothies and juices. 
Since this day, I have either a large (32 ounces-64 ounces) smoothie or juice for breakfast, mostly mixing two different fruits together. A normal blender (even handheld) works perfectly fine. Smoothies are super easy to prepare and offer a huge variety of different tastes.

By adding extras as raw nut butters or raw nut milks, raw cacao or others, you can easily enrich your smoothie with protein, antioxidants and so on.
I called this smoothie GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS smoothie, because it is my absolute favorite and makes me smile every morning! The ice cold strawberries and the creamy bananas are already heavenly together, but the raw PB makes it addicting!

Makes 32 ounces

4 bananas
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 t raw nut butter (for example raw peanut or almond butter)
2 cups water or nut milk

For the red layer, blend the strawberries, 1 banana and one cup of water or nut milk and pour into a big glass. For the yellow layer, blend the remaining bananas, the nut butter and the remaining 1 cup of water and pour over the red layer. 

Enjoy in the sun!

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