Saturday, February 1, 2014


For your weekend, I made you a super relaxing, refreshing, sweet and sour ROOIBOS LEMON LATTE and hid some greens in ice cubes for your health :) This drink only needs 4 ingredients and is prepared so easily.

I chose rooibos tea because it is rich in antioxidants, contains no caffeine and has low tannin levels. I let it cold brew overnight and infuse with fresh tart lemons.

For the latte, I made raw sweet vanilla and cinnamon almond milk. You can use this milk for all kinds of desserts, for your tea, for your breakfast, for ice cream or raw yogurt. It keeps around 4 days in the fridge.

And to make this drink extra healthy for you, I prepared some cool green ice cubes with spirulina and wheatgrass. You can use every kind of greens or superfood you have at home and I chose my brand new  JumpUp and GoGo GO GREEN superfood mix with maca, goji berry, acai, hemp protein, wheatgrass, spirulina and E3LiveAFA. These pretty ice cubes give your latte a special energizing kick.

So if you are looking for a especially refreshing drink this weekend, be sure to try this one out. It is sweet, sour, healthy, ice cold and pretty. Here is what you need for this deliciousness.

Serves 3-4

Rooibos tea
2 T lose organic rooibos tea
1/2 lemon
32 oz pure water

Almond milk
1/4 cup almonds
1 t pure vanilla extract
1 t cinnamon powder
32 oz water

Cool greens
2 T powdered greens, I used JumpUP and GoGo GO GREEN
1 ice cube tray

For the rooibos tea, cold brew tea over night with sliced lemons.
For the almond milk, blend almonds, water, vanilla and cinnamon until smooth. Pour through a nut milk bag. If you don't have a nut milk bag, let almond milk sit overnight and hulls will sediment to the bottom of your jar.
For the ice cubes, mix water with powdered greens and fill in your ice cube tray. Freeze.
The next day, mix rooibos tea with as much almond milk as you wish and add in some of your cool green ice cubes.


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