Saturday, May 10, 2014


As some of you may or may not know, I am in the middle of moving at the moment and between all the packing, planning and organizing I have less time for myself as I usually would. That's fine, because afterwards there will be plenty of freetime again. But with me running around all day long, solving upcoming issues and saying goodbye to many people, I recently got some severe headache of not rehydrating and resting enough.
This smoothie here did a great job. It nourished me, cleansed, made me feel fresh and ready to go again and that all in mere minutes. So if you need a reset and a quick greens-fix, try this smoothie.

I know, the colour is not the most beautiful one, but the ingredients are! This smoothie contains wack loads of vitamin c, beta carotene and fiber from beet, carrot and apples and is spiced up with ginger. This smoothie just makes you feel so good and tastes amazingly sweet from the apple and savory from beet, carrot and ginger. For me, that was the perfect start into the weekend- try it for yourself.

Makes 20 oz

1 large carrot with greens
1/4 medium red beet
2 medium sweet apples
1 inch ginger
1 cup of water

Blend everything and enjoy!


  1. Now that looks like just my kind of smoothie! I love the addition of beetroot- been drinking organic beetroot juice a lot lately, but now we've run out and will have to wait until next season's crop is ready! btw, I'm transitioning to raw at the moment- as the weather gets warmer I'm eating a gradually higher proportion of raw fruit and veg, and I've also been trying out some raw "baking", which my family like better than cooked!

    1. This sounds AMAZING! I am so happy that you are part of RF&H and I wish you all the best for your transition! Please don't hesitate to ask me everything you want to know about raw veganism, maybe I can help :)



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